Sunday, September 12, 2010


Vintage darning egg available at thecathedral

I was recently featured in a fantastically moody treasury. It's amazing how a few pictures can create a certain  mood.  Doesn't this one say "Hitchcock" for sure?

A Hitchcock Storyboard curated by thecathedral

It was curated by a fellow Etsian, thecathedral whose shop I am super excited to have been introduced to.  You should see the photographs! 

Vintage globe available at thecathedral

I love myself some complicated photos sometimes, but simple is always what I am most attracted to.  The simplicity in thecathedral's shop photos make me happy. 

Vintage brass hunting horn available at thecathedral

And especially because they also evoke a great sense of moodiness (which I really like). Perfect photos for a great shop with a great name.  Check it out here

Tin church incense burners by thecathedral
And of course, the shop wouldn't be complete with great items.  Which is the point, right?  I mean check out this awesomely artsy book for instance.  

The Frenchman book available at thecathedral

And for that matter all the other items in the photos in this post.  Fantastic items, aren't they?

Vintage monarchy jubilee and coronation mugs available at thecathedral

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