Saturday, September 25, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

Antique Caldecott Picture by Treasureisle

I was perusing some of my favorite stores on Etsy recently and came upon this quirky little pitcher from AlicesLookingGlass. Never mind that the store is super aptly named!  Doesn't this little pitcher remind you of one The Mad Hatter might pour some cream in your tea from? I fell in love with it.

Pitcher from AlicesLookingGlass

So I decided that I am going to have a virtual vintage tea party of my own.  Let's see...what else do we about a nice little teapot?

Tarnished antique silver teapot available at Katybitsandpieces

And we need cups of course!  These will do nicely...

Ruby tea cups available at suesuegonzalas

But I bet I have more than just the Queen of Hearts and 2 minions over for tea, so I probably need a few more cups. How about these...

Teacups available at Kristinenoeldecor

And it just wouldn't be a great party without everyone getting their own crown!

Santos crowns available at sadieolive

Now, I can't forget the coffee...yeah yeah, I's a TEA party, but with a name like Coffeemonkey how could I not serve coffee?  There's enough room on the table for both...

Great antique Reed & Barton coffee pot available at 1900sBride

My best friend The White Rabbit will definitely be joining us...

Vintage white rabbit soft sculpture available at ReuseRecyleRedux
I am going to have to get going on invitations here pretty soon...Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

so whimsical! thanks for including my creamer ;) love those crowns!

katy bits and pieces said...

Oh, hope I get an invitation to the tea party..thanks for including my teapot!