Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cuteness to the nth degree

This video is just so cute it makes me happy.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

Antique Caldecott Picture by Treasureisle

I was perusing some of my favorite stores on Etsy recently and came upon this quirky little pitcher from AlicesLookingGlass. Never mind that the store is super aptly named!  Doesn't this little pitcher remind you of one The Mad Hatter might pour some cream in your tea from? I fell in love with it.

Pitcher from AlicesLookingGlass

So I decided that I am going to have a virtual vintage tea party of my own.  Let's see...what else do we about a nice little teapot?

Tarnished antique silver teapot available at Katybitsandpieces

And we need cups of course!  These will do nicely...

Ruby tea cups available at suesuegonzalas

But I bet I have more than just the Queen of Hearts and 2 minions over for tea, so I probably need a few more cups. How about these...

Teacups available at Kristinenoeldecor

And it just wouldn't be a great party without everyone getting their own crown!

Santos crowns available at sadieolive

Now, I can't forget the coffee...yeah yeah, I's a TEA party, but with a name like Coffeemonkey how could I not serve coffee?  There's enough room on the table for both...

Great antique Reed & Barton coffee pot available at 1900sBride

My best friend The White Rabbit will definitely be joining us...

Vintage white rabbit soft sculpture available at ReuseRecyleRedux
I am going to have to get going on invitations here pretty soon...Any ideas?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Black & White

Available in my Etsy shop

One of my lovely vintage rabbit targets was recently featured in this lovely black & white inspired treasury.  What a great collection, don't you think?

Curated by magalerie
Check it out in its full beauty here.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Esta Soledad

I am probably the last to know about this wonderful artist. If I am not, then you must hear this.  Carla sings in Spanish and her lyrics are really beautiful. If you don't speak Spanish, the melody is enough to keep you entranced, so listen away anyway!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

For the office supply enthusiast

Vintage red fountain pen available in my etsy shop
There's not much more satisfying to me than a fantastically old fountain pen gliding over some A4 sized paper with some other European characteristics such as those really neat grid patterns. Or maybe just some beautifully aged vintage paper will do too.

Vintage Globe notebook available at SaturdayAMvintage

Ok, I am an office supplies geek.  I'm not sure where that came from, really. I am just enamored with anything related to writing, typography, fountain pens, old typewriters, fonts, paper and everything else in between.  I must have picked up the nerdiness from all those books I read.

Lovely bright orange Hermes typewriter available at SarahAnntiques

I search Etsy high and low for office supplies because I like them so much. One day, I stumbled upon this shop that wrapped a lot of the things I love in one package.  I fell in love.

Custom A5 Organizer available at Bubbo
Natasha, the shop owner, is one of the nicest individuals you'll ever come across.  She made me a custom organizer complete with all my specified geek necessities.

5 Bulldog clips available at Bubbo

Not only that, but she also included one of her neat little "fake NYC" prints.  Aren't these awesome?

Fake NYC print available at Bubbo

Please do check out her shop for other beautiful prints and customizable and/or printable organizers and notebooks of your own.

Bubbo note book

And check out all other Etsy shops in this post too. Great stuff!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jar of Hearts

43 mini red heart buttons available at TheBestCraftSupplies

Since I am on a "mood" kick, I thought I'd share this song.  You've probably already heard of Christina Perri as she's been climbing the charts since she was discovered on youtube a little while back. But just in case you haven't:

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Vintage darning egg available at thecathedral

I was recently featured in a fantastically moody treasury. It's amazing how a few pictures can create a certain  mood.  Doesn't this one say "Hitchcock" for sure?

A Hitchcock Storyboard curated by thecathedral

It was curated by a fellow Etsian, thecathedral whose shop I am super excited to have been introduced to.  You should see the photographs! 

Vintage globe available at thecathedral

I love myself some complicated photos sometimes, but simple is always what I am most attracted to.  The simplicity in thecathedral's shop photos make me happy. 

Vintage brass hunting horn available at thecathedral

And especially because they also evoke a great sense of moodiness (which I really like). Perfect photos for a great shop with a great name.  Check it out here

Tin church incense burners by thecathedral
And of course, the shop wouldn't be complete with great items.  Which is the point, right?  I mean check out this awesomely artsy book for instance.  

The Frenchman book available at thecathedral

And for that matter all the other items in the photos in this post.  Fantastic items, aren't they?

Vintage monarchy jubilee and coronation mugs available at thecathedral

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I heart you

Curious by Artmind

One of my favorite things, whenever I am financially able, is to support other artists by purchasing their art.  I love all artists, but I have a little weakness for artists from Belgium as I was born there.  Artmind is one of my favorite Belgian artists on Etsy. 

Empty by Artmind

Her work conjures up such emotion!  And I love that she manages to do so with such a limited palette of color.  Her simple, lovely babushkas are embellished with nothing but her raw talent, imagination and strategically placed ceramic textures, carvings, or tiny props here and there (such as a little red rubber band, a syringe or barbed wire). 

Tense by Artmind

However simple her sculptures are, Artmind succeeds in making you "feel" her work by just looking at it.

Hungry by Artmind

Ok, I have to show you one more for the road. I just can't help myself.  It's so hard to pick just a few of these to post!

Sick by Artmind

And don't forget to check out her cute little greeting cards here.  Just looking at the lovely simplicity of them makes me happy!

I heart you greeting card by Artmind

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Hallelujah by itselemental

If you've never heard this beautiful song sung by Jeff Buckley you must do so now. Hallelujah was originally recorded by Leonard Cohen in the 1980's. I believe.  Jeff Buckley's version is just so much more emotive (don't worry Leonard Cohen fans - he's still pretty cool in my book).  But Buckley's version is just so hauntingly lovely!  It was a sad day when Jeff Buckley lost his life.  The world lost a great talent.

If you like "Hallelujah", check out "Grace" and "Lover, You Should Have Come Over".  Please do sit through the commercial and the long intro. Once his angelic voice starts singing you won't be sorry that you did.

Friday, September 3, 2010

The TAFA list

Autumn Afternoon by Ann Brauer

I am very excited to be a member of the TAFA list (the Textile And Fiber Art list).  Rayela is one of the founding members of TAFA and I could not be more thrilled that she asked me to join!

Wall art by Chandra Stubbs

TAFA is a fantastic community of fiber artists, businesses and galleries.  Some very talented people are included in the lineup.

Beautiful Bones by Arlee Barr

You can check everyone's work out here. Featured in this blog post are some of my favorites in fall colors. After is fall now, isn't it?

Earth is the Sum of Its Parts with Strings Attached by Bonnie Samuel

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Moss & Moss

In the great town of Mill Valley, California, on a quiet corner, sits the loveliest little shop called Moss & Moss. It's a shop that will transport you out of the place into a different time. A time when things were much simpler and life was unencumbered by the technology that tethers us to the rat race of life today.  Stepping into this lovely little shop will take you away from all of that into a world where you are only limited by your imagination. 

Come on in!

It's like stepping into your grandmother's attic where you will find unique antiques to jumpstart your collection if you don't already have one.  Or like stepping into the fine goods store where you'll find lovely little gifts to highlight your "Happy Birthday"s.  It's even like stepping into the old general store where you will find great gardening items to make your tomatoes happy. Or like stepping into your local artist's shop where you can find handmade goods and art. And best of all, it's all wrapped up for you in one little shop with the nicest, kindest and most fun proprietors!   (Don't believe the fun part? Just ask Larry about his piano while you're there.  He'll even play it for you!)

Marjorie and Larry are the owners of this lovely shop and are great patrons of the arts.  They kindly adopted some of my little worry dolls to display and sell in their shop. And so I said goodbye to my little loved ones (Quinn, Peetey Daniels and Finnegan Quigley) and sent them off to sojourn with Marjorie and Larry at Moss & Moss at 1 El Paseo Lane in Mill Valley, California 94941. So come on by when you're in town... 
And tell them I sent ya! ; )