Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cairo Blues

I am a big fan of La Blogotheque.  I always seem to find some great artists on there that I immediately have to download from itunes.  Check this one out.  It's Leif Vollebekk's Cairo Blues.  I do love that bluesy sound.

Very talented friend

Bottles and Bottles by Anne Regan

Anne Regan is a super talented friend of mine.  I am so excited to introduce her to you.  Her art can be found in galeries all over the San Francisco Bay Area as well as on her website here.

Since we live near wine country, it's no coincidence that we are both inspired by bottles.  First the bottle is full, then I get inspired and next thing you know, the bottle is empty... ; ) 

This is one of her paintings that is now hanging on my wall.  I walk by it every day on the way to the kitchen and just love the colors and texture of it.

Anne also does a lot of beautiful animal paintings on marble that are so unbelievably realistic.  I can only imagine the amount of talent and the numerous hours necessary to paint one of these.