Thursday, May 20, 2010

Helicopter maple

Between the Library of Congress and the US Supreme Court in Washington DC sits this beautiful tree.  I was immediately drawn to its colors and then an old memory popped in my head. Helicopters! As a kid my siblings and I picking up the dried seeds off the ground and desperately threw them up in the air in abundant handfuls to try and get them to spin in flight.  All the while we wouldn't stop shouting:  Helicopters! Helicopters! ....Ahh...the simple things in life. 

This is a photo I took while in DC.  Contrary to "popular" belief..this is not a helicopter tree ;)  It's actually a species of maple.  And for those trivia lovers amongst you: Did you know that Washington was known as the "City of Trees" in the late 19th century?  People flock to DC annually to see the cherry blossoms, but on your next visit to DC take a good look around for poplar, sycamore, ash, elm, maple and many more! What is your favorite tree?

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