Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Forget where it comes from

Imagine by timssally

where in the world does inspiration go? I've known for days now. No. Weeks. My mojo is gone. I've been fighting the thought. With tooth and nail. I mean how could I possibly have lost it? Once one is inspired are they not inspired for life? Well...no, I take that back. I know that's not true. But me? Really? I've always been so creative...maybe not always acted on my creativity, but you know at least having creative thoughts. And if not thoughts at least...um... intentions. Is that even a word? See? I can't even craft a sentence! How can I craft anything else!

Fear not...I have finally figured out why my inspiration is gone:

My studio is a mess.

I Can Make A Mess by WhisperingActually

There...I said it...And THAT my friends is why there won't be any pictures in this post (at least not of my own mess). Yes, it's so messy that I am embarassed...and therefore won't be showing you what I mean. But trust me. TRUST me.

Now the good news is that they say the first sign of recovery is admitting you have a problem. So there you go...now if I could just get up the courage to tackle the mess... I mean I am sure my inspiration just sort of rolled underneath my cabinet here...

HELP! If you have any organizing ideas that you've used for your own studio, I'd love it if you would share...pictures would be awesome too so if you wouldn't minding leaving a link to your blog on my comments, that would be great!

**Off to get some heavy duty extra strength ideas of my own...**

Mr. Clean by dmkirwin

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