Saturday, November 14, 2009

Because she rocks...literally

Since I'm on the "writing about talented friends" kick, I really couldn't end it without showing you this wonderful video by my awesome friend, Reagan Richards. I always did feel a little self-conscious singing our very own rendition of George Michael's "Heal the Pain" in our college days with her (listen to the video below and you'll know why I say that). Her voice is amazing!!! (Can't wait to see you in SF soon, girl!)

We never used to dress up much for our impromptu concerts in the dorm, but ah...there was that one Halloween we decided to go trick or treating...I'll stop there...don't want to scare the little ones...Our costumes were really cool, but (no offense Reagan) that box I was wearing couldn't hold a candle to the costuming in this video!!! I love the characters that emerge in this video from careful consideration in costume and make-up design! The shiznit really...(is that even a word anymore?)

Ok, get to it...listen up right here!