Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's been waaaaay too long

Macaw wing feather quill pen by SomethingWiccan

Ok, so I know the first thing on the docket is that I absolutely MUST apologize for not posting in several months. Well, it's been a little hectic in my life, but I won't even use that as an excuse. Truth is, my inspiration has failed me. My writing muse left me for a while. be honest...she moved out is what happened. She must have found a more attractive brain to make her dwelling in. One with less cobwebs and possibly even less crickets chirping...

And, the thing is, she's not really back yet, so this post will probably be short. But I was so inspired by this blog that I found while visiting my friend Andrea's blog that I had to tell everyone about and post a link on my own blog. I love the message that Melissa from Operation Nice brings to the world. Although the name Operation Nice definitely hints at what you can expect to find in this blog, it doesn't begin to touch on its greatness. Check it out to get the full extent of what it has to offer: Operation Nice.

Ok...Off to make a phone call to my writing muse to beg her to come back to me. *note to self: try begging (and being nice)*