Saturday, November 14, 2009

Because she rocks...literally

Since I'm on the "writing about talented friends" kick, I really couldn't end it without showing you this wonderful video by my awesome friend, Reagan Richards. I always did feel a little self-conscious singing our very own rendition of George Michael's "Heal the Pain" in our college days with her (listen to the video below and you'll know why I say that). Her voice is amazing!!! (Can't wait to see you in SF soon, girl!)

We never used to dress up much for our impromptu concerts in the dorm, but ah...there was that one Halloween we decided to go trick or treating...I'll stop there...don't want to scare the little ones...Our costumes were really cool, but (no offense Reagan) that box I was wearing couldn't hold a candle to the costuming in this video!!! I love the characters that emerge in this video from careful consideration in costume and make-up design! The shiznit really...(is that even a word anymore?)

Ok, get to it...listen up right here!


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Best friends

It seems like in the last few weeks, I've been surrounded with reminder after reminder of the concept of being "best friends", so I've been quite preoccupied with thoughts about what a best friend actually means. I've mulled it over and over in my head and have realized that there's only one person in this world that I truly associate the world best friend with (besides my husband of course). The funny thing is that we haven't seen each other in years. We haven't even really talked, I mean REALLY talked in years. Much of it because we're on separate continents and also much of it because our lives have sort of diverged as the lives of people who you lose touch with during those formative late high school and college years often do.

Sunbather ring by Auka

We grew up together in Spain. And boy, was it a great childhood! On account of our parents being good friends, our two families seemed to be but one. We'd go out to dinner together, vacation at the beach in southern Spain together, go hiking in the mountains, have potluck-style tapas at the neighborhood pool together. The kids would climb up in the trees and build forts, build a snowman after the first snow (yes, it actually snowed in Madrid a few years!), spend hours and hours in the pool perfecting the art of "dolphin diving", listen to music together, play games, read lots of books together. Many summer evenings were spent playing Sorry! on the grate of the pool's mechanical room since the grate would remain warm throughout the evening from the sun's beating during the day. We would romp around in the grassy fields near our homes finding stuff to make things with. A branch here. A nut there. It seemed we were always making "things". In fact, Ana was always super talented. She could draw amazingly. People, faces, designer sketches. She was always doing something of the sort. When my own family would be away on vacation or visiting relatives we'd write to each other and I'd always look forward that beautifully illustrated letter that I would get from Ana. I have very fond memories of our time together when we lived in Spain. Then, my family made the move to America. Our lives were never the same. New continent, new country, new climate, new language, new culture, new school, new opportunities, new friends (although that took a while because of the language barrier and a lot of culture shock). The distance and time eventually just pulled my best friend and I in different directions. But somehow, we never really forgot each other. Our circumstances have changed, our high school and college years have been apart and our lives are completely different. Yet I still hang on to the thought that Ana is my best friend. That spark of friendship still exists. It may be faint, but it still exists. And will probably bind us forever.

Bzz...bees go to honey earrings by Auka

I mentioned Ana was always very creative and quite talented. It didn't surprise me then, that one day, I'd find her on Etsy. Her work is gorgeous and amazing. Her rings are so fun! And surprise, surprise! The pool and beach that were so much of a part of our childhood have made an appearance in her work. Check out Ana's beautiful store on Etsy: Auka. Go ahead! Carry a little piece of beach on your finger...

lil' people ring by Auka
Life's a beach!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sad friends?

People often ask me why my dolls look so sad. Although I am not a sad person in general, I have been known to give in to melancholy from time to time. It's just part of my personality. I get in a pensive mood that eventually leads me to answer the question "Why are we here?". No, not really. No matter how much thought I put into it, I can't really seem to find an answer for that one. But isn't everyone a little melancholic once in a while? No? Ok...It's just me then. But I digress.

My melancholy is the place my little doll friends come from sometimes. While, in some ways, my dolls are the expression of that melancholy, they're also quite the opposite. This is because my little worry doll friends are made for the express purpose of chasing the blues away and those blues are not necessarily always mine. All my dolls have a very important job to do that takes a lot of their concentration, but don't let their worried or sad looks fool you. They're all very good at their jobs. And they've had ample training. They love their jobs. They enjoy helping you get through a tough time when you're a little sad, worried or scared. They'll be there to support you until the rain clouds pass. They'll be there to catch your nightmares and direct them away from you so you can get some sleep. They'll be there when you're worried or when you're stressed. Or they'll be there when you just need some quiet from the negative self-talk in your head. They'll even be there to remind you of your worth when you forget. They'll be there absorbing all the bad that surrounds you. And most of all they'll be there to love you when you don't know how to love yourself. That's why they look so sad. It's a difficult job, but someone's gotta do it.

Go on. Say hello. Let one become your hero.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's been waaaaay too long

Macaw wing feather quill pen by SomethingWiccan

Ok, so I know the first thing on the docket is that I absolutely MUST apologize for not posting in several months. Well, it's been a little hectic in my life, but I won't even use that as an excuse. Truth is, my inspiration has failed me. My writing muse left me for a while. be honest...she moved out is what happened. She must have found a more attractive brain to make her dwelling in. One with less cobwebs and possibly even less crickets chirping...

And, the thing is, she's not really back yet, so this post will probably be short. But I was so inspired by this blog that I found while visiting my friend Andrea's blog that I had to tell everyone about and post a link on my own blog. I love the message that Melissa from Operation Nice brings to the world. Although the name Operation Nice definitely hints at what you can expect to find in this blog, it doesn't begin to touch on its greatness. Check it out to get the full extent of what it has to offer: Operation Nice.

Ok...Off to make a phone call to my writing muse to beg her to come back to me. *note to self: try begging (and being nice)*