Friday, December 5, 2008


Red airplane knobs by knobs

My yearly frustration with airline ticket prices has set in for this year. Gas prices are down...way down from their high this past summer. So why is it that when I want to go visit my family on the East coast prices of airline tickets have skyrocketed higher than they were when gas prices were orbiting the moon? Couldn't possibly be that I want to visit my family during the busiest time of year. Say...Christmas perhaps. Whatever.
Flying High by teaforbini

I think airlines should take into consideration what we actually ask of them for what they make us pay. I mean, it's not like I am trying to get transportation to the moon. It's only half way...well, ok...ALL the way across the country that I want to go. But come on. That's a far cry from the moon. It's not like I expect to be fed on the plane, either. They can hold the peanuts. And it's not even like they have to transport any of my luggage or anything. I will take a carry on only thank-you-very-much.

Plane patch by stiksel

And it's not like the airline is expected to pay for my parking, nor my dog the way I figure, the price breakdown for an airline ticket should be as follows:

$650 (price per ticket that they're trying to charge me)
-$400 (for not having to take me to the moon)
-$20 (for not consuming any food - not even peanuts)
-$100 (for two suitcases I am not taking - just a carry-on for me)
-$14.50 (two days worth of parking at the airport)
-$400 (10 days worth of dog boarding)

+$284.50 is what the airline owes me for picking them to fly on. Priceless.

I'll let you know how my argument works out for me at the airport ticket counter, but you probably shouldn't hold your breath.

I can dream can't I?

GO airplane by hemgoods