Thursday, November 6, 2008

Meet Sam

Sam's picture may be a bit worrisome. But have no fear. He's a worry doll. Judging by his expression you may think there's no way he can do the job. Trust me. His little heart can take it. He's been training for this his whooooole life. Just project your worries onto him and he will take it from there. He'll do the worrying for you. So you can go on and get some sleep. Go on. He'll protect you from yourself.

Sam is the first in my new series of art dolls that I am calling my worry dolls. The original worry dolls are made in Guatemala. They are tiny dolls made of clay and very colorful thread that children place under their pillow at night so that they can sleep better. Folklore has it that the dolls absorb the children's worries during the night.

I worry. A lot and all the time. To assuage my fears and worries, I create. One day I stumbled upon a wikipedia page that talked about these worry dolls and I was intrigued. Rather the possibilities. And thus Sam was born. How apt is it that I made my own worries go away as I created him? Serendipity. I know...

Sam is completely handmade. His head, hands, feet and heart were made with polymer clay and acrylic paint. His body was handknitted from colorful yarn I had in my stash. I used vintage buttons to decorate him and vintage thread to sew on his little red heart. He is stuffed with polyfill.

You can have your very own Sam and/or a bunch of his friends in my coffeemonkey store on etsy. Come on in and take a look. 'Til next time!

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ceejay said...

Sam is wonderful! i love your work. i'm going to drop by your etsy shop when i log back in there tonight!