Saturday, November 8, 2008

Laundry day

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I love laundry. Not doing laundry, silly. Just laundry. Like the fresh scent of newly washed clothes. Or the sight of newly laundered white towels stacked up high in the closet ready for use. Or the snapping of the sheets on the clothesline as the wind plays with them.
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Ok, I don't hang-dry anything, but work with me here. I am trying to set the stage. There's a feeling of "newness" in all of these things. Everything is bright, shiny and clean and your senses are hightened to another level. All colors are brighter somehow. The sheets are whiter, the sky is bluer and the poppies are redder. The scents around you are more fresh. Everything smells clean and flowery. But in a very subtle way as if the breeze is conspiring with those smells to tease your senses.

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There's also a feeling of home in laundry days. Laundry days are filled with reminders of what it was like as a kid to be lulled to sleep by the hum of the washing machine, the tinking of a button on a pair of jeans in the dryer or the warmth of those towels when they came out of the dryer. There was something soothing about it in those days. And even today, even though I don't particularly love doing laundry, there's something about laundry...see for yourself in the very first treasury that I put together.

I was a real noob at putting it together (only took me a few hours to figure out that I had snagged one - had no idea how that worked) but I think that you'll appreciate the wonderful etsians that I included. Check out their great wares:

Oh! And remember. Enjoy laundry, but don't kill yourself doing it.

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Marchi Wierson said...

funny. great photos. I love the smell of fresh dried laundry! I also like it when traveling to see the lines of laundry on buildings up many stories above ground.

W. J. St. Christopher said...

Beautiful pictures and wonderful words.

What a great blog!

(Well, except for the corpse by the clothesline -- which is just kinda scary :))

HoneyBearBeads said...

I agree love fresh laundry, hate doing it. Great pictures!! said...

I honestly hate doing laundry in terms of todays methods. Your artwork reminds of the good ol I miss them. Last photo is me.