Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Balls, balls and more balls

I mean the holiday decoration kind...Not sure what you were thinking, but well...let's not go there. I will just get myself into trouble. Anyways...the holidays are upon us. Yeah, I know, it's still too early. I hate it when stores put that stuff out early. But honestly, the shops around here were already putting holiday decorations out before Halloween. I am actually quite late! As much as I hate it, I succumbed to the tempting pull of the holiday vortex. Every year since I was old enough to start buying my own Christmas gifts rather than have mommy and daddy buy them for me (you know, when Christmas stopped being an exciting time of year because it meant I'd had to spend my own money) I have managed to completely ignore the holidays. I managed to scrooge my way out a lot of things.
Putting up decorations was out because I would have to be "out of town" for the holidays. Being out of town = no need to buy gifts. No gifts = no need for gift wrapping. No gift wrapping = no need to brave the store isles full of commercialized holiday junk. No store visits = no need to hear the same obnoxious fa la la la la la la la la...scrooge enough for you? I had it all worked out. Well...not this siree...THIS year, this gal has found her way back to the cheeriness that is Christmas. The holiday season has begun and this gal is ready for it. Yup...this year everything is different...THIS year, I got bit by the holiday bug. Not sure where he came from, not sure where he's going. I am not even sure where he is right now. But I felt him stick me with a dose of holiday cheer right there, as I browsed around one of my favorite vintage stores.
As my eyes honed in on a brown box on the shelf that was in tatters, I felt him bite me. And he hungrily sucked the scrooge out of me like a mosquito in the middle of a humid Florida summer day as I peeled back the top of the tattered brown box to display a set of beautiful red vintage holiday ornaments. These things were so shiny that I could see myself in them. They were so red they might have been mistaken for Rudolph's nose. They were so old that they might have been older than me (unlikely but whatever). These things were so beautiful they rivaled an unblemished snow covered river bank at first light on a Christmas morning. Yeah, THAT beautiful. The bug was full and satisfied. He flew away to find his next scrooge victim. I was left empty to be filled with nothing but love and affection for that distant yet oddly familiar sense of "the holidays". I bought the ornaments and ran home to do what I always do when I am happy. I create.

You can find these lovely ornaments in my etsy shop natuure but for a very limited time. I will still be "out of town" for the holidays.


Cheap Jewelry Christmas Gifts. said...

These are awesome!I would ask my sister in US to get these for Christmas decoration this season.Thanks for sharing.

Pavan said...

wow...lovely decoration pieces.Can be a good idea for Christmas gift decorations too.

Ni-Chern Designs said...

very cute!

smilemonsters said...

I like those!