Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Love is...monkeys

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Now I am no literary genius or anything...I mean, I read. I read A LOT. But I can't sit here and purport that I am some kind of highly intellectual individual with some radical literary acuity. I mean...if you were to ask me what biblical allusion or Judeo-Christian reference or what is allegorical about something in a story that I might be reading, well...I wouldn't know my head from my...But...I DO like words. Thus, I read. Did I say that I read A LOT?

So where does that take me? Oh, the point of my ramble is this. There's this cute (that's a technical literary term) little story that I just reread in Kurt Vonnegut's Welcome to the Monkey House that I really enjoyed. It's about a computer (EPICAC) that falls in love with a mortal. Some of my favorite lines in the book are those in a poem EPICAC wrote titled "The Kiss" after he learned what a kiss was:
Love is a hawk with velvet claws;
Love is a rock with heart and veins;
Love is a lion with sating jaws;
Love is a storm with silken reins....

What's the moral of the story? There isn't one. Or if there is, I don't know what the allegorical allusion is metaphorically about. I just like words. Kurt would be so proud. Oh, and the monkeys really aren't here allude to anything either. I just love monkeys. Who knew?
*Rushes away to get the Thesaurus back on the shelf*

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Anitra Cameron said...

Oh, me, too! I love words so much I sometimes sit and read the dictionary, and I Always get distracted when I'm looking something up. So many lovely words. happy sigh.

Kits and Caboodles said...

Oh my goodness. Its friday night and I'm home blog surfing, cause I'm just THAT cool. But I swear, that post was better than a hot date any day! It actually made my heart pitter patter a bit! I mean...acuity! allegorical! purport! What an angel of allusion you are!

Truly, I almost spit milk out of my nose.

Btw, I was pretty sure I had read everything Vonnegut had written, even that new one about clocks or something. But I dont think I've read that one! Or if I did, I dont remember, which is possible, even likely in fact.