Saturday, October 11, 2008


Photo courtesy of Rozart

So, I have this day job. Yeah...everyone knows how hard it is to make a living as an artist/crafter so I have sold my soul to devil that is capitalism and I have a 9-5 job like many other Etsians I know. It's actually a great job. I work with really awesome people in an environment that is nurturing to my goals and dreams. My job allows me to use my degree while helping others at the same time. I am able to make a difference and enrich peoples' lives. Literally. It's fun, it's exciting, it's challenging...and it's $%@#$% stressful!! You guessed it. I work in the finance industry. That's all I will say about except that with what's happening to our economy now I think I may need to see either a priest, a psychiatrist or a fortune teller before the year is over. Yeah. It's that stressful right now. But it pays the bills and pays for my art supplies which afford me the luxury of making stuff which in turn helps me deal with my stress which is caused by the fact that I have to work to support my art. Hmmm...sounds like a catch 22.
Photo courtesy of and painting for sale at Rozart
Anyways, so everyone has stress right. So how does one deal with it if they aren't artists themselves or maybe they are artists, but don't do that kind of art. Or maybe they do do that kind of art, but not like that! Well, then they should buy art. Buy that piece that speaks to you. That piece that makes you feel good about life, about yourself, about the message embedded in its beauty or maybe just because you like it. That's how I feel about this piece by Rozart. The freedom of "letting it all go" depicted in this painting is palpable. My stress dissipates as I feel myself soaring through this beautiful thing we call life. There's no way I could paint THAT! Now, if I could just make more money at my etsy job to support my art buying habit...I'd be golden! (and certainly much less blue)
Photo courtesy of and painting for sale at Rozart

**A special thank you to Suzanne at Bliss Soybean Candles for featuring a great artist named LoriMirabelli on her blog (that I've been following for a while now). Lori turned me onto Rozart's beautiful art as well as her own. Check Lori's art out here. And here's one of my favorites of hers!

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