Sunday, October 5, 2008

Kindred spirits

Have you ever stumbled upon an Etsy or other online store and you swear you KNOW the person who is running it? I don't mean that you actually know them, know them. I mean that the store is such a reflection of you, your feelings, your favorite colors, your favorite style, your favorite everything? I mean, in a different life you might have even owned and operated this store yourself! Well...introducing Kits & Caboodles, my alter ego.

It's no secret I love paper. I mean have you checked out my stores lately? (natuure, coffeemonkey, twoangelsinparis, monkeymind) I mean, I just couldn't possibly LIVE without paper in my life! But Kits & Caboodles takes paper to a whole different level for me. Andrea's beautiful handmade paper flowers make my heart beat faster. Her scrap packs are (unbelievably) chock-full of paper that I have never seen before. And that's saying a lot for a paper enthusiast like myself. Even her business cards and packaging are works of art! I am so drawn by the simplicity and beauty of her designs that I can't wait to check out her shop almost every day (it's not stalking - it's shopping). I can't help it. In her shop, I feel at home. See for yourself! And you can read Andrea's blog at The whole kit and caboodle.


Anitra Cameron said...

Hi--Just been scrolling through my GoogleReader and catching up on your blog.

I love KitandCaboodles paper kits! So clever.

Both of you make me want to take up, or at least expand, my use of paper in art. Your dolls, especially, just make me stare, they're so lovely and evocative.

Closing in on Sunday night, and will go upstairs and do some more bags, now that you've inspired me!

Kits and Caboodles said...

I started talking to you on Etsy after this post and totally forgot to comment on it! lol

Just call me sis...I think we might have some sort of vulcan mind meld thing going on.

Thanks so much for the feature. I'm so flattered. ((blushes))