Sunday, October 19, 2008

For the love of paper!

If you haven't yet noticed, I love paper. Any kind of paper. From the kind one can find at a specialty art store to the kind I would find in your recycling bin. From new to old. From colorful to bland. From dictionnary pages to magazines to cereal boxes to junk mail...well, you get the picture. And there are a lot of Etsians who love it too. Believe me.

One of my very favorites is a lovely gal by the name of Mollie whose shop royalbuffet is a paper lover's dream! You should really check out her stuff even if you're not a paper enthusiast like myself. Because you will be, after you check out her shop and see what paper is all about. You really really really should check out her stuff if you DO like paper. C'mon! You can never have enough of it! Especially the way she uses it...the paper just comes alive! She has an amazing sense of composition that she uses in putting together every garland and every mobile that she works on. The vintage french magazines will have you speaking french the minute you take home one of her lovely decorations. Go on...have yourself a meal (of paper) fit for a queen* at the royal buffet. Let them eat cake!

*For the record in case you've read my earlier post - I know that the expression is actually "a meal fit for a king". I learned that one once when I exclaimed: "Wow! That was a king's meal" after having an especially delicious and very filling meal. Someone was of course, nice enough to correct me. And below you will see a beautiful wreath made by Mollie that unfortunately I would pronounce reath as in breath. Oh for the love of all things that are holly! I mean holy...*blush*

All photos courtesy of and items for sale at royalbuffett


Brook said...

you are a paper whore.... When I was an avid scrapbooker my favorite part was the paper...

Remember When Creations said...

I am in the paper arts too ( and I LOVE paper and was looking for some creative uses for it in my word books (my new specialty item). Love both your sites and hope to find a creative way to incorporate it in my wares!

- Jan

Kits and Caboodles said...

Royalbuffets shop is disgustingly delicious. I'm a big fan too.