Thursday, October 23, 2008

Check this beauty out!

So a long, long time a land very far, not really, it was about a year ago and I was on my computer in my house and probably in my pajamas...but I digress. I came upon one of the beautifulest. Stop here for a moment. Yes, I know beautifulest is not a word, but it's very apt. Trust me! Again, I digress...I came upon one of the beautifulest shops that I have ever seen on Etsy. Here's where I get mean. I am not telling you the shop's name. No! I won't. And the reason is that I really don't want you to go buy up all the stuff in it. That's right. I want it all to myself. So what if I am being selfish. Haven't you ever been selfish? Come on now...I won't believe. I CANNOT believe that some time in your life you haven't felt like being selfish was...well, justified!! YEAH! J-U-S-T-I-F-I-E-D!!! Justified. No? What about the time that you...mmmmmm....when you...*concentrating*...when. You know....*furrowing brows*...when you...well, ok. I guess you've nev...mmmm...*enter the confused look* ...really? ...ok, you're right. I guess I should share. goes....there's this awesome shop called ....mmmm...can't remember how to do do I position this awesome shop? I mean I can't very well tell you about everything that's in the shop that I like or I would have to blog for hours! My dog needs to eat for crying out loud. I can't just sit here for hours and just ignore everything else that goes on in my life. I mean not that I go out much or have much of a life or anything but well...I mean I have lots of friends and we go out a lot. I mean to dinner and stuff. Yeah, you know and there are some really cool restaurants around here. I mean, what do you like to eat? No, I am not the biggest fan of ....awwww shucks! I'll spill the beans....It's nestahome! NESTAHOME! NESTAHOME! NESTAHOME! Am I getting obnoxious yet? Seriously, check out her cool photographs and paintings and everything else in between! You'll love it there!! And check out the beautiful treasury she put me in with some super talented people the other day! I even got a a really cool comment on the treasury about my photographing skills. Oh and one more thing, have you SEEN the other talented people in the treasury with me? Here they are: theStarcraft, HelloCrafty, natuure (ahem...shameless plug), heatherjeany, BackThennishVintage, GetReadySetGO (repeat fellow treasury featured shop here folks! Because it's awesome!), kitsandcaboodles (you already know this is one of my VERY favorites), donina, ziazia, katsai, robynski, noemiah. Back to my photographing skills. I have always had trouble with getting my item photographs for my shop to turn out just right. I mean the light is always kind of wierd and I don't ever seem to be able to get my items positioned just so. Then, one day, I was checking out the forums and I checked out this post that talked about how to use...blah blah blah blah blah...

*shut me up please - I can't hear myself think!*

All photos courtesy of and for sale at nestahome. Please also check out her other shop at nestausa.

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Nesta Usa said...

You are the shiznit! It MUST be because you are in the NorCal :) That means you are hella tight yo!!!