Sunday, September 28, 2008

Spidey sense

Photo print courtesy of and for sale at poppydot

You can bet there's a spider lurking out of camera range spidey sense on! This time of year my spidey sense gets heightened. No, I don't start squirting my webs at the walls, nor do I start fighting crime. Well...I'd love to, but I am no hero and definitely not that brave! What I mean by "spidey sense" is that I start getting a whole lot more conscious of the little creatures. They DO seem to come out of the woodwork around Halloween! Take this little guy from Jodie Flowers for instance. He's got some teeth on him, but he's cute as can be! He just wants to come home to live with you.
Photo courtesy of and spider for sale at jodieflowers

Maybe you'd like some of these little creatures for your fridge. That's right...your fridge! No, not inside, but they'll hang outside and hold your shopping list for you too! And that color! What is it about that beautiful pumpkin color that makes me think of Halloween too...mmm...*scratching my head*...well, if YOU figure it out, go check them out at DaisyMaeDesigns.

Photo courtesy of and magnets for sale at DaisyMaeDesigns


Daisy Mae Designs said...

Thank you for including my magnets! :)

Estela said...

spiders never looked so cute!