Sunday, September 28, 2008

Spidey sense

Photo print courtesy of and for sale at poppydot

You can bet there's a spider lurking out of camera range spidey sense on! This time of year my spidey sense gets heightened. No, I don't start squirting my webs at the walls, nor do I start fighting crime. Well...I'd love to, but I am no hero and definitely not that brave! What I mean by "spidey sense" is that I start getting a whole lot more conscious of the little creatures. They DO seem to come out of the woodwork around Halloween! Take this little guy from Jodie Flowers for instance. He's got some teeth on him, but he's cute as can be! He just wants to come home to live with you.
Photo courtesy of and spider for sale at jodieflowers

Maybe you'd like some of these little creatures for your fridge. That's right...your fridge! No, not inside, but they'll hang outside and hold your shopping list for you too! And that color! What is it about that beautiful pumpkin color that makes me think of Halloween too...mmm...*scratching my head*...well, if YOU figure it out, go check them out at DaisyMaeDesigns.

Photo courtesy of and magnets for sale at DaisyMaeDesigns

Monday, September 22, 2008

Ring Ring!...Ring Ring!...

No, it's not a telephone's a vintage button ring! This week-end I found myself drawn to my stash of vintage buttons and just HAD to do something with a few of them that were quite beautiful. They were so unique I thought they should be displayed in a special way. What better way than to make rings out of them. And here is what happened. Ring ring...ring ring...

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Boy, do I love the month of October. I just love the colors that autumn brings even here in Northern California. The weather finally cools down a bit. Dark gray clouds make and appearance and the fog starts rolling in. It's "darker" out there somehow but not quite so much as to not allow the sunshine to peek through here and there. And the crows visit. I have a thing for crows. Just like I have a thing for thunderstorms and lots of rain. I like their ominous quality. The way they "darken" life a bit. I can't really explain it. It's that sense of danger without the risk. I am not life's greatest risk taker, so I like crows. haha.

For some reason, I am reminded of that "dark" quality when I read Edgar Allan Poe. It's probably just me, but his stories always seem to have an ethereal quality to them. Like something ominous is always happening. His words always make me grasp for the next in almost quiet desperation. I am almost at the edge of my seat wanting to know what's next I? So there you go. I equate the month of October with Edgar Allan Poe with crows. And this is how I internalize all that and mull it over, swish it around in my subconscious and then personify it in my little playing card paper doll angels. This one says: "Her heart told tales of love unlike the story he told of the tell-tale heart."
I started this series recently and then found myself on the Mixed Media Monday website. The theme kind of fit so I am going to submit this one. You should definitely check out Mixed Media Monday. It is such a wonderful way for artists to share their work.

Friday, September 19, 2008

The mermaid and her lovely family

The nice mermaid I recently wrote about actually commissioned me to make some of my paper doll angels in her family's likeness. She had found my "Little Angel Boy" with windblown hair in my shop and said it really personified her son. So she immediately brought him home and requested I make the rest of her family in angels as well. They would all have to have an ocean/water/sea theme. Well, that was obvious..she IS a mermaid! So here's what I came up with.

Mom, the mermaid

Dad, the captain of the ship

And sis, the Star of the Sea

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

And they say mermaids don't exist...

Put Yourself In My Shoes by flyingdreampost

Well...I just met one on We Love Etsy! That's right. A mermaid! Yup...she drifted in on a blue moon high tide. She told me of her beautiful family and how she came to settle in beautiful Virginia. She was the nicest mermaid I have ever met too!...Ok so she was the ONLY mermaid that I have ever met. That's unimportant. The important thing is that besides being a very nice mermaid she's extremely talented too!
This Is My Journey by flyingdreampost

Her etsy shop flyingdreampost is full of beautiful collages, cards (see above), journals and more! Her cards are so lovely with their cute little sayings and those great matching envelopes with unbelievable detail. Her collages are nestled in beautiful custom frames or shadow boxes. And again...she's really really really nice!

Now, be good and go get yourself something from her shop!

You Have Been Very Very Good by flyingdreampost

Friday, September 12, 2008

Bangles galore

ONE by natuure

Just finished four of my natuure wood bangle bracelets made out of cool vintage pattern paper. Each on is truly one of a king pieces of art. The vintage paper I use is so thin that it allows the gorgeous natural grains of the wood to shine through while giving the bracelet a really nice matte shine. Each one is unique and really beautiful. Check them out in my etsy store natuure. Here a the photos of three I just listed. I will be listing the one at the top of this post tomorrow.

<-- "Cut Me, Stitch Me, 7 Pieces"

<--"Leave Open Above Notch, Mm 23"

<-- "To Lengthen, To Shorten, Cut, Fold"

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Today is a sad day

Today is a very sad day for many. Hopefully, as time passes, our wounds heal a little bit at a time. It was 5 am on Tuesday morning on the west coast. We were up early because we were still jet lagged from a trip to Spain where we ate, drank and frolicked on the beach with friends and family for 10 days. It had been a great trip. My folks were still there enjoying a few extra days of sunshine. We, however, were getting ready for work, our thoughts still on that sunny country we had left behind and flown back from on Sunday, on a United flight, through Boston. We stared at the T.V. not quite sure what to do next. I told my husband that I wasn't sure I wanted to drive over the Golden Gate bridge to get to work that day. He shrugged. Somehow we hoped it was all some kind of joke. But it wasn't April. Certainly not April fool's day. It was September. September 11, 2001. The roof caved in our world. We no longer understood it. We no longer lived in it but through it. We were at a loss for words, and at a loss for silence. The world stopped and yet flew by at a frantic pace. Our collective thought was "Where do we go from here?". I wasn't sure. I just wrote. And waited:

The azure stands forever split in eternity by the crimson lines

diverging from a single point above as if

bleeding from a wounding cut

It stands suspended

stands stands amended

To the landscape of the bay as if painted in

as an afterthought clearly taught

to stand as if normal.

Or so they thought.

The men who labored so long ago



balancing on the beams of red never knowing

the perils of a

terrorist threat or the thread of fear

to be woven through our lives just as the

looming cover of the fog

Yet we still jog....

Yes, our worlds may get shaken, they may get broken or threatened but we will go on and live the lives we were meant to live because we are human and the alternative is bleak and dreary. The alternative is to give up. And we won't give up on life.

My heart goes out to all the people have suffered loss on the morning of September 11, 2001. Don't give up.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


The paper doll I made for the mini book challenge by sewphisticate was just posted on her blog! Check it out here!

I am so excited about this. This was my first challenge and it was great fun! Not only was it a great way for me to "exercise" my creative brain, but it also brought a lot of people together from the wonderful community that Etsy is. I have made great friends of people on Etsy. Come join us! And be sure to check out the forums for more exciting challenges and contests! (after you check out Sewphisticate's etsy shop and buy some of her mini-books so you can challenge yourself). It's great fun! Try it!
By the way, the stamps used in the making of this paper doll are up for sale in my supplies shop on etsy: Two Angels In Paris. Come check it out too!