Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I can't contain myself...

I am jumping out of my skin. OH YEAH!!!!! I was just featured on the front page of Etsy! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! This is actually the second time that I have been featured on the front page of etsy, but I unfortunately missed the first time. I was crushed.'s a different story. I signed in as I usually do and thought to myself: "How strange! That ring looks familiar..." It didn't hit me until I had already left the front page! (I've been known to be a little spacey sometimes, but this was full time cadet here!) Well...I was lucky enough to get a screenshot of it anyways. The ring from my shop natuure was bought within minutes and dropped off the page very quickly, but I recovered nicely, I think : )
Here's a screenshot of it. I am so very grateful...and I could probably get hit by a bus right now and not feel a thing. Note to self: Look into the possibilities of bottling up this "high".
Oh...and check out the talented artists that were featured in the treasury with me!