Sunday, August 24, 2008

Eggs and Doggs in Photoggraphs

Some dog by Christy at under the leaves

Spelling is not my strongest suit, but I do know how to spell dogs and photographs. I am not so sure about the spelling of Eggs though. Why do we need two Gs in there people. Does the second G do anything for that word? Do we pronounce the G twice when we speak it? Did we need another 4-letter word in the English language so we tacked on an extra G? Does the extra G give it flair? Does it make the word more aesthetically pleasing?

Well, I don't know, but I will tell you what can make your WORLD more aesthetically pleasing. Introducing one of my new favorite Etsy shops: undertheleaves. You want to know more about eggs and dogs? Check out her photographs. They will speak to you. You will feel these photographs. The sun warms your skin as you watch the light glinting on this porch. Life around you stops. Your legs suddenly tingle at the thought of sitting. But you feel yourself not wanting to disturb the calmness of this place. You won't sit on the chair, but by it. With your back against the chair. Life is good. You need nothing else. You feel a presence. A little soul. A mischievious one, but one that is kind and full of unconditional love for you. He's languidly watching your every move. Not sure what to do but lay there and watch you in case you have something for him. A treat? A treat like the one you're about to get for yourself in the kitchen. Tasty blueberries just picked from you garden. You can already taste them. Juicy with a slight crunch. You can feel their plumpness through the white dish towel you're holding. Wow! Speaking of dish towels. How did this dish towel get so white!?! The gorgeous light bouncing off of it has such a beautiful blue hint to it. As an artist, you know that white isn't just white. That is, unless you're looking at the white of those eggs sitting there on that blue table. Your senses are on overload as you experience this shop. Isn't life grand?

By the way, one of the things I love about this shop are Christy's photo blocks. Many of her photos are mounted on a solid wood block that you can hand or set anywhere. They are a convenient, beautiful and unique way of brightening up any place in your home. Check them out in her shop at and for really really really really really great jewelry visit her shop at

*off to make an omelet*

All photos in this post are courtesy of Christy and are available for purchase in her Etsy shop @