Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dress forms & angelic jewelry

A few months ago, I was surfing through etsy (I had just been to my friend Julia's shop on Etsy and was in a very "beachy" mood. So yeah, I was surfing.) Anyways, I was checking out some talented artists on etsy when I stumbled upon keeshagirl4's shop Lemoncholy ( and came upon a really nice black paper mache mannequin/dress form. I immediately had to have it, as usual, having absolutely no idea how, when or for what I would use it. But whatever, that's a minor unimportant detail. This thing was too good to pass up! So I got her and she's been sitting on my windowsill ever since.

She gathered a little dust but didn't complain. She just quietly watched my every move in the craft room to see what I would create next. One day, I found these beautiful necklaces in one of my art drawers that I put together a long time ago. They too had been very still and quiet...just watching...and waiting. I had meant to sell those necklaces a while back, but had never really had a way to display them. And I really didn't want to take photos of them unless I could do them justice. So I'd lovingly packaged them and put them away for a day when I would display them as nicely as they deserved. And today is the day! I have not listed them yet, but will soon. In the meantime, spend some time here:

You'll love her supplies...oh! And her gorgeous jewelry. Have you seen the Love's Song necklace? (pictured above) and I don't care whether you like birds or not. Aren't these the cutest?