Sunday, July 6, 2008

Paper dolls

Well, yeah, it's been a while *bows head in shame*. I know there's absolutely no good excuse, but I had a lot of fun slacking off because I was busy making some cool paper dolls for some Etsy peeps recently. I was convo'd by a couple of people on etsy asking whether I would make them custom paper dolls. The themes they each chose got my creative juices flowing! I was so excited! Believe or not, 9 times out of 10, when I am asked to make a custom piece I end up making 3 of each theme - I get so carried away!!

One theme I was asked to dabble in was a "sewing theme". I was particularly psyched about that theme because I had recently purchased a 1950 copy of "The Wise Encyclopedia of Modern Sewing" at a small second hand shop near my "day job" for a buck. That's right, folks...ONE DOLLAR. Uno punto zero zero!! The vintage images in color within those pages were to die for. Hey! Guess what!?! I got it for a buck!!! I loved using those images in my paper dolls. The illustrations were just so 1950's, ya know? Anyways, above is an example of one of them. I will post the others soon as well. Or you can see the other sewing themed paper dolls in my shop at .

The other theme I got a custom order for was all about birds.
This one was also exciting in that a while back I had received one of my own Etsy purchases and it was packaged so beautifully in this stringy paper that reminded me so much of a bird's nest that I saved it all until I could use it in my own art. I'd been wanting to work with that stuff for so long that when someone said "birds," I said "How High?" Just kidding, but the lightbulb did go on (however dim it might be) and I just knew what I would do. It was a really exciting process and I loved being able to use bits and pieces of vintage ribbon and vintage thread to hold it all together. I just love creating these cute little creatures! Anyone else out there want to throw out a theme? C' know you want to.

Will be posting more pics soon of my other themed angels. In the meantime, you can see some in my etsy shop at
I also have some other cool "papery" type gifts in my other store at
Goodnight y'all! 'Til the next posting! haha...promise it won't be too long.

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