Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Oh, this book!

I admit it. I am an Etsy addict. I also am addicted to vintage stuff (especially books). So you'll often find me perusing all the vintage supplies pages on Etsy - generally hours and hours on end. What can I say...I can't help it.

A couple of weeks ago, I was doing just that when I stumbled upon this great little Etsy store called Blacksheepyarns ( full of vintage items that are just my bag if you know what I mean. I clicked and clicked all throughout the story and couldn't stop hearting every item, but then, just then....BINGO!...the most beautiful book that I have seen in a while filled my screen. I about jumped out of my seat. It looked like an old (very old...middle ages old) know, the ones with the illuminated text and the thick, watercolor-like paper with the frayed edges? The illustrations were in gorgeous red, orange and yellow inks. The writing was that scroll looking stuff. Oh my god...I was in heaven. My fingers clicked on every available picture, my palms started sweating, my eyes grew wide...I thought I would die if I couldn't have this book. Then this thought popped into my head. A quick look at the heading "1900 Paris Book made with handmade paper rare book to frame pages" gave me hope. I thought that maybe, I had a chance, but then another thought popped into my head. IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL! It would cost a small fortune for my little hands to be able to feel its pages...I was getting distressed and my soul started remembering what disappointment would feel like. My eyes, afraid of what they would find, slowly wound their way up my computer screen to the area on the top right where I knew they would find the place where prices were born and died. Oh, my heart started racing...please please please...let it be ok. Let me be able to pay for this piece of art that would otherwise crowd my dreams and nightmares every night for years to come. Let me rest my eyes on those beautiful pages in person. Let me smell the must and feel the dimples on that paper. Let me taste victory!

Yup, boys and girls! I OWN IT! Thank god for great etsy shops and small miracles.

P.S. I also have to tell you about the superior customer service experience I had with the seller at blacksheepyarns. Not only did my package arrive super well packed and extremely fast, but I was pleasantly surprised by the extra goodies I received with my purchase. I was so floored that I actually had to send her a convo to let her know that I thought she had included someone else's order in mine. She nicely convo'd me back to say that the extras were her gift to me. She thought I could use them in my own art and specifically my paper dolls. WOW! If you're reading this and need vintage supplies visit right away! You never know what treasures await you and you definitely know the type of customer service you'll get. Take it from me!

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