Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Beach Cottage

Last week, I had a couple of wisdom teeth pulled. Yeah, it hurt. Between dry heaves (compliments of the anesthetic) and bolts of shooting pain (compliments of whatever the heck it is oral surgeons do when they pull teeth out) I wanted to be anywhere but where I was right then. So, I tried to focus my reveries on more pleasant things. The week before my oral surgery, I had, of course, visited Etsy. What else could a person do to calm their pre-surgery jitters? Well, this person, visits Etsy. Never mind that I visit it every day. Just humour me. So on that particular day, I stumbled upon a super little shop called "The Beach Cottage" I "walked" through The Beach Cottage and felt I was there. Right on the beach! I felt the sand sliding through my toes and the wind was whipping through my hair. My tongue was teased with salt and the sun warmed my skin. And my nose tickled with so many of those beachy scents - coconut oil, salty air, algae. Really! I was lounging on the beach with a cool drink in my hand watching the surf come in.

So, lying there on my couch thinking about the pain I was in and the solid food I hadn't eaten in 3 days, and the pain killers I couldn't take for fear they'd burn a whole in my stomach (Vicadin is overrated, folks) and the pitty party I was hosting deafening my senses, I really just wanted to go to the beach. So I fired up the laptop. I waited for Windows XP to load. And waited...and waited...and...what the *&$%# happened to FIRED UP the laptop? And waited...finally, I signed into my account at Clicked on My Favorites and walked into my very own beach cottage.

Ahhhhh.....all was well in the world.

By the way, I conversed with Julia, The Beach Cottage shopowner a couple of times and she is a truly amazing individual. She also happens to be really really really nice. Check out Julia's shop at: and her blog at All photos on this blog posting are by Julia at The Beach Cottage and can be seen in her etsy shop or on her blog. Most items in the photos are currently available in her etsy shop.

Man, these disolving stitches taste nasty.