Monday, March 24, 2008

Of Magicians & Angels

I have been super addicted these last few weeks to making my paper dolls. I just can't get enough. Ideas flow like rivers through my head and I just can't stop myself.
I needed to make more space in my studio so I am starting to list some of them. I have a couple of series going: The Fallen Angel Series (angels who are a bit tortured by their inadequacies or their unfulfilled wishes), The Inept Magician Series (a magician's quest to being a success but somehow always falls a wee bit short). I am now working on a series of flowers that I have been commissioned to do by a very talented Etsy artist that will be using them in her own artwork. Check back in my etsy shop at or right here in the near future for additional information about my collaboration with this artist.
Be nice, first and foremost, to yourself.

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